Being the largest external organ our skin can constantly be exposed to direct and indirect sunlight on a day to day basis unless we stay all day inside. Though it is argumentative on how being outside is necessary but there are a number of benefits when we spend a few minutes or so lounging under the sun. For one we get to absorb vitamin D which is supplementary to the development of bones in our body. Another is that it helps improve the function of our brain and boosts the immune system to name a few.

Sun exposure can also be harmful because some skin types are sensitive to prolonged periods of being uncovered by sunblock or clothing. Most of the time the most common skin damage that we can get by staying under the sun for too long and not taking precautionary measures is that we get sunburnt. A number of people can get tanned easily but not acquire sunburns and a number can develop sun spots over time.

What are sun spots? How do I get them? Is it curable?
Sun spots are the brown patches we get when we are underneath the sun for too long. Though this is not an instant occurrence meaning that even if you take an all-day nap on the beach without putting sunscreen on you are more likely getting sunburns and not sun spots. It is a belief that elder people are more often likely to develop sun spots on their skin rather than those of a younger age group but this is due to the fact that they have lived longer and have been exposed to sunlight numerous times. Keep in mind that not all elderly get sun spots only most of them do.

These spots are also known commonly as ‘liver spots’ but there is no proof that these patches are directly connected with the liver.

Constantly being under the sun’s rays can also cause sun spots no matter what age. Workers such as fishermen and construction workers have the penchant to have them more commonly with those who live and work in the tropical areas of the world. Surfers and beach lovers can develop these spots earlier on in their lives compared to those who only go to the beach for vacation purposes.

These sun spots are not cancerous and can be removed if the person wants to have non-blemished skin all throughout. Skin clinics offer services to cosmetically reduce their visibility by using lasers or pulses of light energy and is done by professionals. There are also a number of home remedies that you can use such as aloe vera black tea, or milk, along with a few other household items. Creams are also available at drug stores that can help with discoloring the sun spots.