Have you noticed your elderly’s skin?
Do you see spots or blotch-like formation in their hands, legs and even in their faces? Well that is what you can age spots.

Age spots are also called skin spots. They usually appear when aging and after being exposed to UV light or extreme heat. People who do not take care of their skin during summer and abuse their exposure to the sun at the beach gets sunburned and this results in sun spots. These spots vary in shape and sizes. If you get the freckle-like shapes, then you are a lucky one.

How do you get rid of age spots?
The best treatment for age spots depends on the kind and severity of your spots in your body and face. You can choose to treat it naturally or look for a reliable dermatologist for a consult. It would be possibly nice to do an effective home remedy for your age spots. However this type of healing takes a very long time and has no reassurance that those spots will actually be gone.

An example of home care is a bleaching cream. It contains a substance called hydroquinone. Its mechanism allows total dissolution of your current skin problem. Retinoids used in acne creams and kojic acid in whitening products also follow the same mechanism as the bleach. Both these age spot treatments require careful conduct and patience.

There are also methods for getting rid of age spots using the modern technology. The most popular one and some might say that it is the best treatment for age spots is laser. With an extremely strong light spectrum used in laser it can break down the melanin that has been contained in a focused area thus treating age spots. What is great about it is the fact that it will not affect your skin’s surface. This type of treatment requires two or three sittings in order to completely get rid of age spots.

Another example of age spot treatment that makes use of technology is microdermabrasion and cryotherapy. The former involves brushing off the spot until it is gone while the latter uses liquid nitrogen that destroys the pigmentation. Both of these methods require tension of the actual skin this it needs healing. You will probably experience some pain and stinging until it heals.

Don’t worry if you do not have any idea what to do with your age spots. There are professionals who will be able to help you with that.